What Is the Difference Between Excellence and Perfection?

Perfection is the desire to get results without any fault or defect, while excellence is a desire for high quality end products or service as a way of exhibiting first-class quality.

But you will agree with me that there is nothing like being perfect, so do not waste your time striving for perfection, other wise you will get no where. Strive for excellence, the more mistakes you make the more excellent you become and the more successful.

For example, I have a friend who has a diploma in website developing and software development from a respected institute in my country, I my self I have never attended a website designing class, in fact my level of education is Level 6 [ Secondary 6 ], I stopped here because I felt I had enough to get rich. This friend of mine holds a nice job with an IT company but his income is very low, but his really smatter than me in terms of IT and he always strives for perfection, but the time he spends on being perfect at his work place earns him the same paycheck at the end of the month. He only knows one Job because his only perfect in that job, so to change to another niche it will mean that he has to be perfect which takes time.

Now comes excellence, I created my first website in 2008 using Microsoft Word, this same friend of mine gave me a full package of Dreamweaver, I learnt this program with in one week because I was looking for excellence not perfection, with time I started creating nice looking websites e.g YOSAKI.COM, and I decided to start a website designing firm at home creating simple HTML website for $250 including hosting. But each month I can make between $1000 – $1250 which is very okay, my clients market my services and I make more money, and get better with time.


If you compare me with my friend who has a nice job, quality education, perfect work but his paycheck never changes and me who tries out any thing until I’m excellent who is better, That is your question to answer.


This post explains why most educated people are never the richest people, because they are trained to be perfect, never to make mistakes. They base their success on marks [90%] perfect students. They fear making mistakes and trying aging to become excellent.

The Future of Classroom Education

What does the future of learning has in store for us? What the future classrooms would be like? Most of us in the field of educational technology are often inundated with these types of questions.

Education technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Backed by robust advancements and years of innovation, the answers to the above mentioned questions are not entirely unknown. They have been hiding under our noses for quite some time. We were just ignorant enough to not acknowledge them.

While augmented reality, cloud computing and 3D printing are paving the way for the future of education, we are yet to experience how these might influence the way we educate our students. There are, however, certain existing tools and technologies that can be exploited for a better classroom experience.

Carefully assess the needs of your classroom and choose from the following tools to make learning a better experience for your students:

1. Duolingo: Duolingo is an amazing piece of technology that gamifies the language learning process. It is one of the best language learning applications out in the market and its biggest advantage is that it comes free of cost. With Duolingo, you don’t have to struggle to get your students to pay attention to their chosen language out of the classroom. It is a convenient supplement for off-class education, perfect for practice and homework.

2. Google Docs: Google Docs allows for real-time collaboration and is an enriching experience for group projects. With its ceaseless archiving, teachers get to see who actually contributes to the project being worked upon. From presentations to analytical assignments, Google Docs is one thing your students will thank you for.

3. StayFocused: In this connected world where we reside, it’s pretty common to see work and pleasure twine. In the face of such distractions, Stay Focused helps students stay connected to the internet while blocking certain distractions and notifications from cropping up for periods you can decide. Such tools not only prevent the students from deviating to unimportant distractions but also help them learn the importance of staying focused.

4. Prezi: Prezi is a presentation tool that allows for the creation of highly intriguing, dynamic and interactive presentations. It helps them learn the art of effective communication which will subsequently help them stand in good stead in college and professional career. It will further teach them to successfully use good designs to their advantages.

What the future holds is still not known. What’s known is the fact that education in the future would no longer be confined to schools and classes. Implementing the available technology would impart our students with wisdom to see education as a critical part of their development rather than a chore.

Online Drivers Education: Perfect Way To Learn How To Drive

Two things are inherent once you earn your learners permit and start learning to drive: freedom and responsibility. Once you complete drivers education and hit the road, freedom is at your fingertips. Of course, everyone else using the road is relying on your drivers ed to prepare you to be a safe driver, because not only is your life in your hands behind the wheel, but so is the life of everyone else on road, and that is a huge responsibility. Luckily, there’s an easy way to practice this balance of freedom and responsibility: online drivers education.

Taking online offers students the freedom and flexibility of any other online course, mixed in with multi-media fun! Using videos, interactive case studies, and informative text, drivers ed online is sure to help students turn into successfully safe drivers. Online drivers ed means students learn at their own pace, on their own time. Study in the computer lab at lunch, or wake up early and study at home over a cup of hot chocolate. As long as you have internet access, you can study for your learners permit with online drivers education.

Like driving, online drivers ed also comes with responsibility. It’s up to you, the student, to make sure you log in the hours of learning and studying required to pass the learners permit test. online is sure to be interesting, but only you can make the time to read and retain the rules presented. Taking online successfully is a great way to demonstrate to your parents that you’re ready for the responsibility of driving.

Financial Independence Resource Education – How to Begin the Road to Financial Independence

The best way to begin the road to financial Independence is going to be to find the perfect financial Independence resource education. This is going to be available for you on the Internet and by simply dedicating time on a daily basis by going on it you’re going to be exposed to the information that is required for you to know in order to make this happen.

One of the best ways to obtain the financial independence resource education that is needed to be successful is to simply utilize the powerful search engine known as Google and start looking for information. The cool thing about this is that is going to give you a bunch of results that is going to be related to what you’re looking for and this way you can find the specific tools that you can utilize to get more educated.

The key is to be consistent in the researching and continuing to get educated on a daily basis. Keep in mind that you are not buying anything and there are many ways that you can get educated for free to keep that in mind and do not get into spending money because this is a big mistake when you’re just trying to learn.

Once you are able to obtain a lot of information then you have to make sure that you take action and apply what you have learned because a lot of people make the mistake of continuing to search for information because they are afraid to take action. Get over your fear and get started today by taking the first step towards the road to your financial independence.

My Perfect Match – How to Find?

Are you tired of thinking about finding your perfect match? Are you not getting any result? Are you not getting any solution of any problems related to your match? So, it is the time to find your perfect match. There are many factors that each and every person has in their mind when they are looking for their perfect match. The personality, lifestyle and religious preference is not same for everyone. There are huge differences in each of these factors. You have to think all these things in your mind when choosing “‘My perfect match”. You should have a clear idea about men while choosing the perfect match for you.

Many times you may find that your perfect guy has all the things that should be there except for one thing. This is the thing that will cause you not to build a relationship between you and that guy. So, picking is the most important factor while you think, ‘who is my perfect match?’ You have to check the standards of your man. But, if you cannot find the standard in your man what will you do? There are a few areas that are really great to help you to decide whether the person is okay for you or not. If you find that those factors are strong in your man then, you can choose him. Always, you have to keep in mind that you are looking for your perfect match. You cannot compromise in any area about it. Following are some factors that should be checked while looking for your perfect match.

• Education matters: Educational qualification is an important factor that is checked by many women while looking for their perfect match. If you are educated enough then probably you will not look for a person having less educational qualification than you, as your perfect match. You will look for an educated guy who is equally educated or more than that. You have to look about the job or ambition of the person you want.

• Heart speaks the main part of love: We all know that heart is the organ in human that speaks the truth and helps everyone in everything. When you are looking for your perfect match, you should listen to your heart first. You might not be able to find the person as per your criteria but, your heart can help you to answer your question, “who is my perfect match?”

• Religion is another factor that is taken into consideration by many women when looking for the much hyped “my perfect match”. If you want to find your dream person who must be of the same religion like you, it can take lots of time. But, you have to search hard in order to find him. Luck is a matter that can help you a lot sometimes. If you want to save time, you should search for your guy in selective places. There are some women who are passionate in some other factors but, these factors are totally dependent on the minds of those women.

If you want to find the all important and elusive “my perfect match” online, you should try to find them out in various online dating sites or social networking sites. You have to be very careful while choosing perfect match through these sites as fake profiles have come to market widely.

Raising Children – Learning Through Montessori’s ‘New Education’ Method

Maria Montessori believed that in order for the world to become a more peaceful and more civilized society for people to live in, the new generations must be taught to live in harmony and their hidden potential must be developed to the fullest. She believed that the only way to do it was through education. However, there was a need for the old educational system to be reformed as it was too teacher-centered, so it would not be able to maximize the potential in each child. The traditional system also did not prepare the child for life in society as the activities did not teach the child to work in collaboration with others, neither did it teach the child important skills such as concentration, responsibility and perseverance. She felt that the teacher’s job should be that of an observer; alert to the needs of the child and ready to react appropriately as “any form of education must be based on the personality of man”. (Absorbent Mind, Chapter 1, p. 8) As such, there arises a ‘new education’ system which proves to be effective all around the world even till today.

In addition to imparting knowledge to the children, Montessori felt that their physical and social development should also be taken into considerations. It is important that the teacher observe the children to find out what they need and thereby providing them with their needs. In other words, the teacher or parent should understand the learning style of the child and thereby pitching the lessons according to the child’s needs. She also believed that it should be part of education that a child is taught to be caring and compassionate towards others, but he must first be showered with care and concern himself. Thus, it is just as important to care about the hygiene and welfare of the child.

In this new education, Montessori described the importance of providing a child-centered and conducive learning environment. She stressed that there are differences between the learning objectives and methodologies between a child and an adult, thus they should not be taught in the same way or even use the same furniture. An adult is concerned with the end result of the task at hand; therefore, he tends to rush in order to finish the job quickly. He would not repeat the same task numerous times in order to perfect it.

On the other hand, a child differs from an adult in that he is still developing and constantly learning, thus he needs to interact with his environment to absorb information for his own development. He has what Montessori describes as an absorbent mind. A child will be able to absorb the specific skills that he needs to learn through repeated activities. He needs to make use of his environment and carry out repeated work to develop his personality, habits and physical being, so he will do a task numerous times in order to perfect it. Montessori believed that each child is a different individual, so he will have his own sensitive periods to absorb different skills perfectly. This new education allows each child to set his own pace for learning as he is free to select the materials that he wishes to work on. Multi-sensory materials are used in these classrooms for the children’s hands-on activities and they get to progress from the simple to abstract concepts without any pressure from the teacher. The child is led to experience a sense of accomplishment as he discovers the skills on his own.

During each sensitive period, a different skill is learned and after the skill is perfected, the child will naturally drop the activity and proceed on to something else. With the traditional education system, the child is forced to perform the task that the teacher has assigned. He would then be deprived of the freedom to learn or perfect the skill that he desired to during that sensitive period. Therefore, Montessori believed that it is more important for the teacher in the new education system to “discover the potentialities of each of the students and of offering him means and motives which could awaken his latent energies so that he might continue to use, expand, and coordinate them through proper exercise”. (Discovery of the Child, Chapter 2, p. 33) She believed that it is more important for the teacher to be an observer in the classroom and that the teacher should prepare the lessons and materials to suit the learning ability of the individual child. In this way, the child’s self-confidence is built up as the teacher is neither demoralizing nor judgmental. Similarly, if the parents are willing to assist the child by teaching him through the use of a method most suited to his learning style instead of forcing him, the child will be able to excel in every way. Parents must believe that every child is capable of learning.

In Montessori’s new education, she showed that it is important that “a school allows a child’s activities to freely develop”. (Discovery of the Child, Chapter 1, p. 9) However, this would be difficult with the use of the rigid furniture in the traditional classroom. Besides restricting the students’ movements as they were not allowed to move about to change the materials that they would like to work on or to move the furniture around independently, Montessori felt that these furniture also hindered the proper development of the children’s spinal cord because the children were forced to remain in the same position at the desk for hours. Instead, she advocated the use of child size furniture and floor mats in the Montessori classroom. Such furniture are not so intimidating and the children can have the freedom to move around independently when they need to.

Since the child will not be forced to carry out activities against his wishes, Montessori described this new education to be a system whereby the children will learn spontaneously. She had tested out this system in many Montessori schools and even up till today, children in Montessori classrooms enjoy carrying out their activities in an orderly, prepared and tranquil environment. Under this new education, the child learns to work quietly and with full concentration as he focuses on the task at hand. He will not be distracted by others around him nor will he give up easily as he will be able to correct his own mistakes through the use of the specially prepared materials. This is an important skill to develop as many children in the elementary schools are still not able to concentrate and they lack perseverance skills too. She believed that developing the child’s spontaneous interest in learning will develop his personality such as kindness, warmth and perseverance which is necessary for peace and civilization in the society.

Montessori believed that this new education must start from birth in order for its effect to be obvious as the child, no matter how young, is capable of learning and he will absorb what he sees or hears from the environment around him. She believed that through the use of appropriate materials at the suitable timing, a child will be able to learn very easily. As such, the job of the teacher as an observer is very important. Montessori had proven the success of this new education, which probably accounts for its popularity all around the world.

The Importance Of Continuing Education

It’s a fast moving world out there, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Technology that was cutting edge just a year or so ago may now be completely outdated today. It is the savvy entrepreneur in any field who can adapt and keep up who will reap the greatest amount of success.

This is especially true for those striving to build their online business. Marketing on the web is an ever changing and evolving environment, and in order to survive and prosper it is vital that today’s marketer keep abreast of today’s technologies and marketing techniques. What worked very well for you last year may not work at all today.

I have found that it is vital to include continuing education as part of my daily internet marketing routine. The trick here is to maintain a balance. It can be very easy to find yourself spending too much of your time educating yourself each day, and not enough time implementing what you have learned to build your business. This can be very detrimental, as you do want to spend a good majority of your time actually applying the techniques that you have learned. Otherwise you will never make any money. However, it can be equally detrimental if you are attempting to market using yesterday’s techniques and not staying abreast of what the most successful marketers out there are doing.

This leads into the question of all of the e-books, audios, and videos that are being offered by all of the so called marketing “gurus” out there. It seems that everyday my inbox is crammed full of at least fifty offers for different marketing education courses. These can range in price from anywhere between $7.00 – several hundred dollars. I am often asked if these courses are worth the money?” My answer is……it depends. There are some very good courses out there, this is true, and they will teach you some very good information on how to properly market your internet business. However, it has been my experience that more often that not these courses simply contain the same information that has been rehashed many times over, and worse that that, often times the techniques taught are simply outdated. This defeats the purpose of educating yourself in the first place. I generally check to see if they offer any type of money back guarantee in the event that I feel the education is not what was promised in the sales letter. Most of the reputable sellers do offer a money back guarantee these days. However, there is another way to look at online education courses as well. That is, if I can learn just ONE NEW THING from the course that I didn’t previously know, the knowledge learned can often be worth multiple times what I paid for the course.

Because of the attitude listed above I do feel that it is worth the risk to purchase some of these courses, but I am very careful to research them before I purchase. You can find information on nearly any product in online forums before you make any purchase.

Finally, I have found that the single most important source of education in building your internet business is in finding a personal coach who already has the success that you have been looking for. Before joining any program or MLM take time to interview your sponsor to find out if they have a team training program and system in place that you can tap into. Verify that he/she is willing to give you the one on one attention that you need. One on one attention from your mentor will dramatically speed up your learning curve and can save you thousands of dollars as well. Best of luck with your own online business!